Karcher Commercial Cold Water Pressure Washers

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Max Pressure (bar/MPa)
  1. 130 / 13
  2. 135 / 13.5
  3. 140 / 14
  4. 220 / 22
Max Water Temperature
  1. 60ºC
Hose Length
  1. 10m
  2. 15m
North West Trading Company (NWTC) stocks a wide selection of Karcher cold water pressure washers and high-pressure cleaners. Suitable for heavier duty commercial use, yet lightweight and easy to transport, these high-pressure cleaners can cope with a diverse range of everyday and specialist applications. We can supply all classes of machine including the HD Compact, HD Medium, HD Super and HD Special class designations. From 4-pole electric motor models through to 'go-anywhere', petrol engined machines; we're confident that you’ll find the Karcher cold water pressure washer to suit your requirements by browsing our range. For more information visit our showroom or contact us today on 01282 438331.

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  • HD 5/11 P 240v

    Entry-level performance pressure cleaner 240v
    Exc VAT £449.00 Inc VAT £538.80
  • HD 4/9 P

    Entry-level 110V high performance cold water pressure cleaner. This…
    Exc VAT £499.00 Inc VAT £598.80
  • HD 5/12 C PLUS

    Compact, versatile high performance pressure cleaner FREE UK DELIVERY
    Exc VAT £570.00 Inc VAT £684.00
  • HD 5/12 CX PLUS

    Compact, lightweight, and powerful high pressure cleaner for professional use,…
    Exc VAT £710.00 Inc VAT £852.00
  • HD 6/13 C Plus

    Cold water high pressure cleaner for daily commercial use.
    Exc VAT £625.00 Inc VAT £750.00
  • HD 6/13 CX plus

    Compact cold water pressure cleaner with variable pressure and water flow…
    Exc VAT £789.00 Inc VAT £946.80

    Out of stock

  • HD 6/11- 4 M Plus

    High performance 110V pressure washer with long life pump and 4-pole…
    Exc VAT £1,299.00 Inc VAT £1,558.80
  • HD 7/12- 4M Plus

    Cold-water high-pressure cleaner with robust 4-pole, low-speed single-phase…
    Exc VAT £1,375.00 Inc VAT £1,650.00
  • HD 9/20-4M Plus

    Cold water high-pressure cleaner with rugged 4-pole electric motor running on…
    Exc VAT £1,449.00 Inc VAT £1,738.80
  • HD 10/25-4 S

    Upright cold water high pressure cleaner. Servo press for adjustment of…
    Exc VAT £1,869.00 Inc VAT £2,242.80
  • HD 728 B Cage Petrol

    Portable cold water high-pressure cleaner with petrol engine for different…
    Exc VAT £1,499.00 Inc VAT £1,798.80
  • HD 9/21 G

    Self-sufficient in its use and completely mobile: Thanks to a built-in Honda…
    Exc VAT £2,449.00 Inc VAT £2,938.80

12 Item(s)

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