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We stock numerous Karcher floor sweepers to suit various applications, including ride-on sweepers, vacuum sweepers and walk behind sweepers. These are easy to operate and manoeuvre and offer excellent results on different surfaces. To assist in selecting the most appropriate for your premises, you can read more detailed information by clicking on the individual products below. For more information visit our showroom or contact us today on 01282 438331.

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  • KM 70/30 C Bp

    The KM 70/30 C is a push sweeper that sweeps equally well in left-hand and…
    Exc VAT £1,589.00 Inc VAT £1,906.80
  • KM 75/40 W Bp

    The KM 75/40 model is a walk-behind vacuum sweeper. Available with a powerful…
    Exc VAT £3,695.00 Inc VAT £4,434.00
  • KM 85/50 W Bp

    The KM 85/50 W P is perfect for high quality outdoor cleaning due to its high…
    Exc VAT £6,295.00 Inc VAT £7,554.00
  • KM 90/60 R Bp

    The KM 90/60 R Adv brings new technology to ride-on sweepers. Compact ride-on…
    Exc VAT £11,495.00 Inc VAT £13,794.00
  • KM 100/100 R Bp Pack

    Comfortable, modern ride-on sweeper for professional use indoors and outdoors…
  • KM 105/110 R BP pack + KSSB

    Ride-on vacuum sweeper with Tact filter cleaning system, unique sweeping…
  • KM 125/130 R Lpg+KSSB

    Gas-powered and equipped with Tact filter cleaning, our KM 125/130 R LPG+KSSB…
  • KM 130/300 R D

    Diesel-powered, fully hydraulic industrial sweeper with three-wheel chassis and…
  • KM 70/15 C

    The KM 70/15 C model is a beautifully-formed push sweeper for cleaning small…
    Exc VAT £395.00 Inc VAT £474.00
  • KM 70/20 C

    Karcher?as KM 70/20 C offers a fast and convenient alternative to broom…
    Exc VAT £530.00 Inc VAT £636.00
  • KM 70/20 C 2SB

    Compact push sweeper for indoor and outdoor use with two side brushes. 7 x…
    Exc VAT £595.00 Inc VAT £714.00
  • KM 85/50 R

    The KM 85/50 R Bp is the new battery powered entry model in the ride-on…
    Exc VAT £8,495.00 Inc VAT £10,194.00

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